Business Rounds

Connected Smart Cities is the event that generates the most connections and business for the ecosystem of smart cities in Brazil. In an environment conducive to the exchange of learning and information and, mainly, people committed to making these connections happen, the rounds of connections and business at CSC 21 will be held both in virtual and in person format, with the technical support of our team to give all the necessary support for our partners to hold meetings with the organizations indicated in the schedule.

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The participants point out the organizations they would like to meet with and we schedule meetings that last up to 20 minutes, in virtual rooms or in the space destined for the rounds in the face-to-face event, with the support and support of our team. In them, the participating organizations present their offers providing the approximation of the two parties.


Mission: Hold objective and productive meetings between participating organizations within the axis of solutions for smart cities.

Vision: To be a reference in connection & business meetings, with the largest number of public representatives and organizations that present solutions for smart cities.

Values: Hold meetings and partnerships between renowned companies and prestigious entities and organizations, with a focus on presenting solutions for the development of smart cities.